Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas Clearance at Dollar General

I stopped down at Dollar General to pick up some Diet Pepsi and low and behold.... Christmas clearance.  Everything was a quarter.  Yes, .25 cents! It was all pretty picked over at my store, except the Christmas cards and bows.
So for $2.34  I purchased 2 boxes of Christmas cards, and they are cute! And a big bag of 40 bows, and of course my Diet Pepsi!! (can't forget that!)
I love to hunt a bargain, but I even love it more when I come upon a bargain by chance.  Have a great day!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Great Apps for saving money

Here are some apps you can download that help you make a little extra pocket money  with little effort.  I am only listing the ones that I tried, so I can give you my honest feedback.
Receipt Hog is a fun way to earn a little money snapping pictures of your receipts no matter where you shop.
While it takes some time to earn any substantial money, it is lots of fun spinning the slot machine. Depending on the amount of your receipts you earn coins, and in addition also turns on the slot machine so that you may win additional coins. When you get to 1000 coins you can redeem for money or gift cards. The more coins the more money you get.

Use my code tin44248 to earn extra spins when you sign up

Before you go shopping, find rebates on your favorite brands, discover new products, and unlock cash back by completing fun tasks. Unlocked rebates will show up on your Ibotta shopping list. 
When you get home you scan your barcode and receipts. Add friends to increase your earnings!
I find their customer service to be very slow, but earnings add up pretty quickly.
Join my Ibotta team, it's free and pays you cash for buying your favorite products.

Earn cash back at the grocery store with nothing to clip or print. You can redeem our grocery offers by linking them to your supermarket and drugstore loyalty cards or by submitting a picture of your receipt.
This one is pretty easy, I have all my store cards loaded and really have to do nothing to earn the money.
Every Thursday morning, Checkout 51 updates with a new list of offers. All you have to do is pick the ones you like, purchase them at any store, and upload a photo of your receipt through their mobile app or website. When your account reaches $20, they send you a check.
I find that this ones takes some time to build any substantial money, I don't often buy the products on their list
Over 6 million people love shopkick, making it the most-used shopping app and fourth in overall reach (alongside eBay and Amazon) according to Nielsen. They have  partnered with retailers like Macy’s, Old Navy, Best Buy, JCPenney, Crate & Barrel, Sports Authority and Target; with Visa and MasterCard; and with top brands like P&G, Kraft, L’Oreal, and more, to make your shopping experience even better.
Simply walk in a store and you get "kicks", scan products you don't even buy and get more!  Open the app some days and earn kicks.  You can redeem your kicks for many different items. I like to get Target gift cards so that I may use them later when I am out couponing.


The jury is still out I just downloaded this one. Here's a link if you want to try it
Of course you won't get rick off of these apps, but every little bit helps!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Giant Eagle Milk Deal!!

We all know how hard it is to get coupons for dairy and meat. Well, here is your chance for some free milk. Starting today at Giant Eagle.
The add

The Coupon

You will want to do this a couple of times to save even more money, but only do one deal per transaction in order to get a Catalina for each to two post cereals you buy.
First trip/transaction, (you must have a Giant Eagle card)
Buy two Post cereals as indicated on your coupon for 6.00 and a gallon of milk. Use the coupon and pay 6.00 for 2 cereals and one milk.
A Catalina should print for free milk.
2nd trip/transaction
Buy two more Post cereals indicated and 2 gallons of milk
Use coupon and use the Catalina from last transaction.
Pay 6.00 for 2 boxes of Post cereal and 2 gallons of milk.
Another Catalina should print.
Pay 6.00 again
I say go back for a third transaction
Buy 2 Post Cereals
2 gallons of milk
Use another coupon
Use your Catalina
Pay 6.00 again.
Another Catalina should print.
So for 18.00 you have
5 Gallons of Milk
6 boxes of cereal
11 items
Average per item cost is 1.98
Say you do it one more time
you would have:
7 Gallons of milk
8 boxes of cereal
24.00 Out of Pocket
15 Items
Cost per item is 1.60
Another transaction???
9 Gallons of milk
10 boxes of cereal
30.00 Out of Pocket
19 items
Which is 1.57 per item
What will you do with all of this milk you ask?
Freeze it, of course.
Yes, milk can be frozen. The fat may separate so when you thaw it out shake well. Also, make sure your milk has some room to expand, because it will. You can either empty a little, or if the milk has recessed panels that should work. It will look yellow when frozen, that is normal. Freeze for 3-4 months.
Have a great day,

Where to get coupons?

Below you will find some information on where you can print coupons. Of course there is always your weekly paper or mail. Red Plum, Smart Source and P & G come in my Sunday paper, but that varies by location. has printable coupons of all kinds. The printing limit is two per computer or device.  Sometimes they will reset the coupon, thus allowing you to print two more.

What’s a RedPlum, you ask? RedPlum is ultimate source of value — online, in your mailbox, on your doorstep, with your newspaper, and in your store.

Both online and via insert

Questions, please email me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Coupon Lingo

Are you new to couponing? Don't understand all the acronyms and funny words?  Well, here is a list to get you started.

Blinkies - Coupon dispensers on store shelves
Catalina - Coupons that print along with your receipt
DND - Do not double coupon
ECBs - Extra Care Bucks (these print at CVS and work like money at their store)
FP-Fuel Perks (Giant Eagle program to earn free gas)
GC - Gift Card
IP - Internet printable
ISO - In search of
MQ - Manufacture coupon
MIR - Mail In Rebate
OYNO - On your next order
OOP - Out of Pocket
Peelie - Coupons that peel off the package
RC - Rain check
RP - Red Plum coupon insert
RRs - Register Rewards (Walgreens prints at checkout)
RedBox - Box at CVS that prints out coupons.
Q - Coupon
SS - Smart Source coupon insert
Stacking - Use of manufacturer and store coupons together on one product
Tearpad - Pad with coupons 
TQ - Target Coupon
+UP Reward - Rite Aid rewards program
WYB - When you buy
YMMV - Your mileage may vary 

Any questions? 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scrubbing Bubbles....

Target this week
Buy 3 @2.49=7.47
Print coupons from 
print 2 (only allowed to print two per computer) .75 coupons
If you have a second computer print another .75
then go to and find their coupon link and
print their 3.00 off 3 Scrubbing Bubbles.
7.47-2.25-3.00= Pay 2.22 for all three!
Or .74 each!
Try it, you will love it!