Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Health and Weight Loss

Here is is March already and I haven't posted any updates. Time just gets away from me. 

Yes, I am still on the track to wellness.  I haven't slowed down on the exercising, in fact I picked up on it!  Things that I thought were not probable I now know are in fact doable! Things I thought  impossible I now think... hmm maybe there is a chance.  I have to say modern technology has really helped me along with my diet and exercise. There are some great Apps out there. And I love my techie gadgets. Lose It is an app where you can set weight loss goals for yourself, and it provides you with the option of doing it at increments of 1, 1.5 or 2 pounds a week.  I chose 1.5 pounds a week. It then gives you the amount of calories you must eat to get to that goal.  If you eat something you can either manually record it or scan the bar code from the label and it will look it up for you. If you exercise you also record it and it will figure the calories burned back into your plan.  I have found this application to work quite accurately. (barring this week where I have been having some problems for the last 3 days at loosing any weight) You can also join challenges through the Lose It app with other people of your choosing, be it strangers or people you know and set up a challenge yourself.

I have been doing a lot of run/walking.  Interval walking I think it is called. I walk briskly for a couple of minutes then jog or sprint for a minute. Have you tried the Couch to 5 K app? I am using that to help me with the intervals.  I really like it, and I have a secret desire to run a 5K someday. That is one of the things I used to think was impossible.  Now.. who knows...maybe I will.  I just need a whole lot more training. I don't get short of breath so much, but my calf muscles tighten up so easily.  I guess it could be a matter of stretching, but I do walk for 5 minutes before running at all.  I also love the RunKeeper App to help me keep track of my miles and calories burned.

I am down 18 pounds. 9 pounds per month, but I seem to be having trouble moving the scale in the last several days which is killing me.

 My numbers are looking good, cholesterol is down by 22 points from 194 to 172.My bad cholesterol down by over 25 points. All my numbers are normal except my HDL (good cholesterol) is still a little low at 33 . Blood pressure 126/68.  I will get all of this repeated in the summer.

In Jan:
Walked : 22.74 miles
Biked: 42.45 miles
In Feb:
Walked: 34.14 miles
Biked: 47.16 miles

In addition, I did weight lifting, punching bag and a few other cardios both months. (I wear a pedometer to work and walk anywhere from an additional 4-8 miles a week, but don't count that in my totals, since I figure my body is used to doing that)

I may increase my fish oil to 2-3 tablets (2000mg-3000mg daily) to see if that will help to bring up my HDL cholesterol.  The jury is still out on the CLA, I am not sure if that is helping at all. I haven't really seen any difference since I started to take it.

So, I would love to hear how you are doing if you too are on this journey. If you check out any of the apps I mentioned let me know what you think of them.  They all have FREE versions, which is what I use. But they are worth paying for in my opinion. I could sure use a buddy or two to help me stay motivated.
Have a great month, Michelle

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My January Journey

Hi folks! If you read my last post from a month ago you know I was going to start my journey to become fit and healthy. *AKA loose weight! I thought I would make an update after one month.
I actually met my goals for exercise in January.  I think the extremely cold weather helped me since I did not want to leave the house, unless it was to go to work. (and I still did not want to go but I had to)
I set a goal of 20 miles on the treadmill and 40 miles on my exercise bike for the month of January.  I was able to meet both of the goals with only 1 day to spare!   I also did a month worth of squats and modified push ups.  (30 day challenge) 
I will tell you when you are on that treadmill run/walking and sweating your butt off you feel like you must be loosing a bunch of weight. Well, not so much..... I did loose 8 pounds though.  And I do appreciate that I did, but just wanted it to be a bit more!
I have also modified my diet somewhat. I have switched completely from simple carbs to complex carbohydrates, except for an occasional treat. I work at a hospital, you would think they would have healthy food options?! Well, NOPE they don't.  In fact they don't even have the salad bar open at supper time.  So when I actually am able to get a break *and that doesn't always happen, I usually have some pretty unhealthy options. I guess I really need to start packing my lunch.  I have always HATED packing, even for my kids.  It is just not my thing.
I will say that those "endorphins" do kick in when I exercise, so my mind has been in a great state, which is unusual for January. I usually suffer from the winter blahs.
This month I am going to start taking more supplements. I presently take a multi vitamin, fish oil and Vitamin D.  I am a huge fan of Vitamin D.  I never realized what a difference it could make until my doctor checked my levels and found them to be low and told me to start supplementing.  Vit D is one of the vitamins that is not found in a lot of foods. In fact, the main source is the sun and vitamin D fortified milk.  I am not much of a milk drinker, and here in Ohio don't get much sun for 9 months out of the year. I have been taking Vit D now for over a year and it has made a difference for sure. Fish oil, I cannot say for sure that it has, because I didn't feel any different after I started taking that, but there are plenty of studies that support the fact that Fish Oil is heart healthy. 
For the month of February I plan on starting to take CLA. (CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID) I had heard of this before but didn't pay much attention, however the other day I was watching Dr Oz and he was talking about CLA.  After the show I did some further research and it really does sound promising. It is found naturally in meat and dairy products, but not in very large amounts. (grass-fed animals have much more CLA then grain-fed animals) It has several reported benefits, including improving immune systems  and fat fighting properties. Some research also supports the fact that it fights cancer, especially in the intestinal track.
I also have decided to look into Pyruvate and MCT, and will write more about those in a future post.  Do you have experience with any of these supplements? I would love to hear from you about your experiences on your road to health.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year

Happy New Year everybody.  I haven't got much crafting done with the holidays and being so busy.

Now it is a New Year, 2014, and of course everybody is thinking about new years resolutions and what they can do to improve their life. I have a couple of things I've been thinking about.  First of all, there is the ever-popular diet and exercise resolution.  As I get closer to 50 I realize it is now or never.   So there are several things going through my mind in regards to that. I was thinking maybe  you all might hold me accountable.  I might even share my workout and diet routine, if I'm not too embarrassed.  I have found some neat workouts on Facebook and actually found a great app to train for a 5k.  It is called Couch to 5k, I literally need to get off the couch.  I also have always liked RunKeeper for when I walk,  hike and ride my exercise bike.  My diet....  it is another subject altogether. It isn't that I don't know or understand how to eat for health. I have been studying it for years. I have practiced healthy eating many times, and  I always revert back to the foods I love ...anything starchy or sweet.  The logical side of me says it has to be a lifestyle change. The realistic side of me does not know if that is possible. We shall see! Does anyone care to join me?  We could help to inspire each other.

I have a couple of other things on my agenda. Maybe I'll go into more detail later. In the meantime,  join me on Facebook, I am crafting goodies to my photo albums with discounted prices.   Click this link        

Hey, does anyone know a good app for blogger?
Have a good night, Michelle

Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas

Boy, sometimes I think it would be easier to blog about current events, and controversial type things.  My facebook feed has been blowing up with the Duck Dynasty controversy.   Really should that man's opinion even count this much? I don't think it should, but it evidently does.  So should he be held to a higher standard since he seems to have a huge audience? I think he should.  But what really bothers me is the fact that he is sitting in judgement of others, and by Christian standards that is a no-no, and he claims to be a Christian.  And I have to be honest, I hate any type of bigotry.
Yes, I have become lax about posting lately, haven't I?  Well, I think we are all pretty busy with the holidays coming up.  I wanted to stop by and show you a few things I have been working on.
I bought some new feedsack towels and am working on embellishing them.  This is the first one I did. I cut the flowers out with my old sizzix die cutting machine and appliqued them on. I used a reproduction fabric to give it a vintage look, added some cute ribbon to the edge.  These are large towels. I am going to order some smaller ones next time.  If anyone else is interested in getting some let me know.
I am still working on my sons quilt, and that may be a while yet. I think it will just be a "snuggle" size quilt. 
 and last but not least, I have been doing a little holiday decorating.  My daughter decorated the little tree, she used burlap for the garland and did a great job picking out vintage looking ornaments.

 I wish you all the best holiday season filled with love and laughter!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Magnolia Stamps Winter Wonderland

Time to order new Magnolia Stamps fom the Winter Wonderland collection.
Here is a sneak peek.

For more info on ordering and pricing go to this link: http://eepurl.com/Jq_y1
Have a great night. Michelle

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Veronica P. you are the winner of the embossing folder. Can you email me at casdanben@aol.com and give me your address and I will get that in the mail to you. Thanks to everyone for playing. Michelle