Saturday, July 12, 2008

Color Combinations-A little Contest

I am getting ready to move my scrapbook room into a tiny bedroom upstairs, with a wonderful view! We have to pack up several large bins of toys and find a home for them first, I am embarrassed by how messy this toy room was, so this has been an ongoing job.
I am trying to decide what color I would like to paint it. I have had several color combinations racing around in my head. It seems I have a different favorite every week. I love bright colors, but the room is only about 8x12 and am afraid that might be to overpowering. Anyone know of any cute patterns to paint on the walls of a smaller room, to make it feel bigger? I love the colors pink and orange together but I think that would be too much for this room, and I guess I should face the fact that I am not a little girl, and should try a more "mature" color scheme. I would love to hear some ideas, even better I would love to see some pictures of scrapbook rooms. I never tire of looking at dream rooms, although most of the stuff I see in them is out of my reach. I needs to get some shelves or cubes too. I would appreciate any ideas on those. Did I mention, I dont have a ton of money to spend and would really like to see some kind of work table at a decent price.
I will post a poll here on my blog of some of the color suggestions, if I get enough ideas, I will have you vote on a winner, and whomever suggests the color combination that wins on the poll will get a nice thank you gift from me. I will post the winner here.

Here is a picture of the view from my "little room"


Camille said...

Wow, what a great view. If you like bright colors, I would suggest something I've been wanting to do in my little girls room...

Paint the room blue overall, with maybe a bit of green at the bottom, and large colorful 4 ft tall flowers all around the room. I think it would be pretty. I don't think there should be 'adult' colors and 'kids' colors, you should just use what you love the most!

Mags said...

Hey Michelle!
It's "Mags / MagsGraphics" from eBay - just popping by to leave some love!! :)