Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Imaginisce Fairest of Them All

Well, I know I showed sneak peeks of Imaginisce's Fairest of Them All paper collection earlier, but I just saw the cute new stamps for this line and had to post another thread about it. The line is due to ship from Imaginisce in October, and I will be taking preorders in my webstore. This cute little bunch of stamps is very reasonably priced, as is the paper collection. Just click on the picture to go to my store.
I think the reason that these little stamps appeal to me is simply because of my love for the girly girl princess theme. My own Snow White sits across from me as we speak, writing my name in Chinese or something, so she says. There is just something about little girls that makes them all a princess and I love any line of paper that celebrates that. So here is a picture of my own little princess a few weeks ago. No school tomorrow, power outage and she is calling me now to play a game so I better go and play with princess Cassie.

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