Sunday, December 28, 2008

Organizing my Scrap Space

Well, it has been awhile hasn't it? I have been so busy with the Christmas packing and shipping I cannot seem to find time for much else. I am almost finished with my scrap space. I have been moving from a downstairs room to an upstairs small spare bedroom. It has been ongoing for two months! I got the last storage shelf I needed from Santa Claus and now it is just a matter of loading things up. ( I am trying to pare down on my supplies--lots of goodies being auctioned auctioned this week and next on ebay-lots of them starting at 99 cents.. even large Prima Flower lots) Click on the title of this blog thread "Organizing my Scrap Space" to be taken to my auctions.
I have a sneak peek of my scrapbook room, and will post pictures of the rest of it after I get it all done. I think the color is a little "brighter" than I originally thought it would be, but in the dead of winter that tropical color will look pretty good I think! I am going to have to do something with the letters on the wall, those are from Making Memories, and they do not stick very well, just an FYI, don't waste your money on them. I guess I could cut some with my cricut and replace them. I have a "curtain rod" wire thing coming from IKEA to hang up some of my layouts, and a shelf or two to put up. So look for more pictures in the next week or two.
I still have Zutter Bind it Alls in my store with free shipping, I cannot wait to get some time to play with my things again. Mention this post when you buy one and I will through in a book cover and pages.
Happy New Year!


Jeannie said...

Michelle, your scraproom is going to look fab!! I like the color - like you said, when you have dreary Ohio winters this color will cheer you up!

Great blog!!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks Jeannie! I will have to post a picture of my view. That is why I picked this tiny little room over the larger one downstairs, it has a huge window with a beautiful view, so hopefully that will inspire me!

Jeannie said...

In the room that someday I have to remodel, the only view I have is the house next door, which is way to close to our house!

Crystal said...

Michelle I love the room!!!! I'm so jealous! My scrap room is pretty small so it's kinda hard to decorate it. (Probably just the excuse I give myself! LOL!) Very cute though!