Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Copic Markers which should I pick?

Well, it is only natural that after becoming so immersed in stamps that I would "need" some Copic Markers to color my stamps. So I have been perusing the blogs and websites trying to decide which markers I need. I have decided to start carrying their line of markers in my store after reading such wonderful reviews. But where do I start my own collection? I of course cannot afford to buy every color no matter how appealing that thought is. I think I will start with the Copic Ciao markers. I understand that they are equivalent to the Sketch in every way except if you wish to airbrush. I guess they also carry a bit less ink, and have fewer color choices. So I am thinking start with the Ciao and if there is a specific color I need that is not in that line, buy it from the Sketch line. Does that make sense?

I would be interested to hear form other Copic owners. I would like to hear about which line of Copics you have and which colors you think are "must haves" for the beginner Copic buyer. Do you use Ciao or Sketch or both? Here is a color chart of what the Copic Ciao line has to offer. Hmmm... will this be "enough" colors?

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