Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We have a new family member!!

Well I had to stop by now that I "fixed" my camera and can upload my photos. A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I went for a drive. Our goal was to get a new kitty. We live out in the country so I figured this time of year I could just drive up and down some country roads and I would find a sign that said "Free Kittens". And that is exactly what happened, and when we knocked at the door it happened to be one of my daughters friends who lived there! Oh my gosh they had two litters of babies and all so cute. I was thrilled to find a long-haired fluffy kitten, as those are my favorite kind (NO offense to Andrew ... he is my short-haired... we love him like crazy) So we have Stevie. She is not named after Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac although I would like to think so. My daughter chose that name, and we figured that would work for a boy or a girl, and we are not sure which she is. She is a little timid, but such a cutie!



Now onto a project! Several months ago in magazine (I think it was Card Makers February Issue) I saw a project for a "wallet" card. I thought this would be a great project for my daughter to make for Father's Day. She is 11, so I made one along side her, so that I could help her. I had mentioned to my friend Jan that we were thinking of doing this when she visited. So wouldn't you know she went home and sent us several wonderful sheets of embossed paper that was just perfect for this project.

Here are the end results.

The outside of the wallet:
The inside of her wallet, with her picture. These are neat because they actually function like a real wallet so you have a space for a photo and an opening for money. What a fun gift!

Cassie's (she calls her dad "pops" and the one on the left I made) I know our stitching leaves something to be desired.

I was trying to find a link on Card Makers site, but there is some problem with their site right now. So if anyone has this link I would love if you posted it in the comments here!

Have a great day,



Jessie said...

Awwww, how cute! Love the photo wallet too!

Ruthie said...

Love the photo wallet - oh but how cute is Stevie???? Bless!


scrappyjan said...

I love the wallets!!!!! I think it would be a good B-day present for the boy's also.

That cat is so cute but I hope he don't think that he is going to sleep with me along side Winston when I get there. heheheheee....

I am at Mom's and internet and phone service stinks...
Please tell Cassie I love the wallet and her new kitty.
big big hugs, Janiel

Tanya Rudd said...

Oh wow, cute addtion to the family. And those wallets are a must try for me. Fabulous!

Timeless Barbara said...

Oh Stevie is adorable! I just adopted one, too, from a free kittens in front of WalMart family. His name is Pumpkin Peanut Pumpernickle! LOLOL!
Thanks for this awesome post, and photos! Stevie inspires so many people.
She has inspired my entire clothing, jewelry & accessory line in my Internet Store.
Come shop with us sometime!
Enjoy your day!
Stevie Nicks Rocks! And she is putting out a new CD, how exciting!

Sandra said...

Stevie is adorable!! Your wallets turned out wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I have been meaning to try this out forever! You did a wonderful job. It is soooo cute. The picture of Cassie really makes it the best ever! You new kitty is just adorable.
My daughter and I are so allergic so we have never been able to have Kitties. When I was younger I would give it a try now and then hoping the allergy went away. I just love animals. This little baby is precious.


sucor said...

Stevie is so cute. I would love to try making the wallet. They both came out great!

Gina L said...

Hey, there. Stevie so stinkin' cute, I just want to come love up on him/her! Did you figure out if she's a girl yet? I tried voting in your poll, but it did not register the vote. I chose all four. As for the wallet card, these are the links I found to tutorials: here's a vid: ...

And here's directions written out:

Hope this helps!

KarenB said...

The wallets look fabulous!! What a great idea.

Jacilynn said...

How cute! What a great idea. love it.

Auntie Em said...

How cute are those wallets!!! They are such a nice idea for presenting a photo.
Thanks for sharing! :o)