Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Special Story To Tell You...can you help me?

Hi fellow crafters.  I have a story to tell today....

Earlier this week my sister, who works for a school system, contacted me regarding one of the middle school students.  This young lady, Haeli, is in 6th grade, just like my little girl.  Haeli is dealing with a very serious disease, something that is even hard for an adult to deal with... cancer.  She has a rare form of ovarian cancer.  She is currently undergoing chemotherapy.
A child sick with cancer is something I can relate to.  You see I lost a brother at the age of 8 to leukemia.  I remember all the suffering he had to endure during his treatments.   Watching my brother struggle with that disease made a huge impression on me.  I have worried probably more than the average mom about my own children because of this. It also made me want to do anything I could to keep another child from losing his life to that dreaded disease.  (have you noticed my bone marrow donor logo on the right sidebar?  I was tested over 10 years ago,  but have not had the honor of being called to be a donor yet...)  So when my sister asked if there was anything I would be willing to do for this little girl, I was more than happy to comply.

The first thing I thought of was all the friends I have made in blog land while crafting.  I thought of all the beautiful cards and scrapbooks people make.  And, I thought, this little girl would probably really like to receive cards and other craft items from all over the US as well as the world. I am sure this would inspire her own papercrafting.  So that is where you all come in!  I would love to send this young lady anything to bring a smile to her face.  My sister tells me she is interested in art, and her teachers say she is quite talented, so I am putting a basket together of scrapbook/stamping items for her to use.   Also, I am asking you, my followers/friends to send her a card.  Of course if you want to send her a little something else, stickers, embellishements etc, I am sure she would love that as well.  Maybe for a moment we can take her mind off her illness!

So fellow crafters, I humbly ask for your help here.  Could you send a card to Haeli?  Would you be willing to post a little something on your blog asking for cards for her? I am sure she would be thrilled to receive a lot cards, etc. from all over the world.
You can mail them to:

c/o Melissa French
1425 23rd St. NE
Canton, Ohio 44714

Thank you so much!


Embosserissima said...

Ok! I'll send you a nice card for her. Tomorrow it will be Sunday and the post office is closed. Next week, as soon as possible, I'll send my card.
My prayers are with her.

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

what a lovely idea of you!

Gail said...

Will definitely do this - how sweet of you to spread the word!

THERESA said...

Hi there,
I will be sending her a card and some crafting items !! Stunning gesture of yours !! All the way from South Africa..................hugs

yvon said...

What a great idea. I'm going to make a card for her and send it to her all the way from Holland.
Hugs, YVon

AsilisA MaM said...

I'm going to join you in this kind action and will send hello from St.Petersurg,Russia

Sheree said...

Wonderful idea! I will make and send a card from Campbell River, B.C., Canada! Hope to have it in the mail Monday or Tuesday!!
Will post something on my blog roll shortly!

Gina L said...

Hey, Michelle. I left a comment on the Pixie Cottage blog. I have prepared a package for Haeli with a card and a set of markers. I will mail it out on Monday. Thanks for letting us know!

Thea said...

This is a great idea Michelle, i will send this girl a nice card.

Thea (from the netherlands)

Heather said...

I have created a card for her and will mail it tomorrow. Sending lots of prayers as well.


Dawn B. said...

What a wonderful thing to do.. I was wondering if you have ever heard of the Teapot Tuesday challenge on Cindy..the hostess of that challenge picks a destination for a cause each week. You should contact her and maybe she could help.. I was a destination one week and received MANY cards. Just a thought..

Sinikka said...

Hi Michelle, I did pop over from Janiel's blog.
I will make a card this week for her this week.
Hugs from Holland

Barb's Boys said...

This must be so hard for her! Thanks for sharing her info...

Pat said...

Oh Michelle...what a touching story. My eldest granddaughter is 12 and in 6th this story touched my heart! I will definitely send a card for Haeli. You're an angel for organizing this! My prayers are with her!
Pat Frank

Carmen O. said...

Thanks Michelle for sharing this story. I've made a card and put a few goodies together for Haeli. Also, I've posted the drive on my blog.

cabio's craft corner said...

Being a mom of a 6th grader, my heart sink to learn a girl in the same grade struggling with her health issue. Thanks so much for spread this info Michelle :o)

Kathy R. said...

Thank You Michelle, paper crafters are the best and we take care of each other... Card has been sent. I hope it will bring a smile to her little face.

scripperscrapper said...

Thanks for sharing Haeli's story, that touches the heart of all mothers. I will put together a card & a package to send her, and also link this on my blog to spread the word.
~Lisa a.k.a. ScripperScrapper

Stacy said...

How could any mother's heart not be breaking after reading this! I will start a card right now and post on my blog!
Prayers and Hugs!

Sandy said...

My heart is breaking - I prayed harder last night than I have prayed in my life. I am in the process of making her a card now and will include a gift. Thank you so much for caring and organizing this.
Sandy Dehon

mysweetpaperdreams said...

Hey Michelle,

I am going to make a cards and send her a package of goodies. I will try and get it together by the weekend. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I will also post this on my Facebook page. Many ((hugs)) and prayers for her.
Tammie :o)

Janette said...

Have made a card to send to Haeli, have also put a link to your blog from mine so that others can read the story and hopefully send a card or gift.xx

Polimère said...

Great idea, I'll sent a card from France !

Sheri said...

I would love to send Haeli a little package!

Charlene said...

Hi Michelle,

I"m a Teaptter on SCS. Will be making a card for Haeli for sure. Thanks for giving us the heads up.

God bless.

Oma said...

HI Michelle - I will be making a card for Haeli and sending some goodies as well. I have posted this on my blog.

Sharon said...

Such a lovely idea Michelle. I'll post a card today and mention your post on my blog.

Sharon x

Embosserissima said...

Hi Michelle!
I sent my box just last Saturday from Italy. I hope she received mine already.
My prayer are with her.
Many Hugs.

Bettina said...

what a wonderful thing to do. i will make haeli her a card.

Susan Wright said...

Hi Michelle. I would like to send a small package of scrapbooking supplies to Haeli and wondered if you can find out what she wants to be when she grows up. A veterinarian? A teacher? I'd like to put together a package with a theme that will be interesting to her and give her hope! My e-mail is Thanks for posting about this. My mother, a young 73 years of age, passed away last Wednesday due to complications of endometrial cancer. I cannot imagine how it must be for this sweet 6th grader.

Pallavi said...
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Susan said...

Are you still packing things up for Haeli, Michelle?
I'll definitely make and send her a card or so, and perhaps add in little things. But I also, would like to know what her interests are. I also have a good friend that crochet's awesome bags and hats, can you find out if she would like a matching hat and handbag. If what are her fav colors. please email me at susanscraps AT comcast DOT net.
and I'll get in touch with my friend in NC. I have a great niece with a fatal disease, she is actually living much longer than any of the medical people thought. She used to be on my sidebar. i have to put her back on there , she has EB, 2 of the rarest and most difficult kind combined. You may have seen the discovery special called "The boy who's skin falls off"

She isn't doing well, but she is a very happy child and very brave, she turned 4 in march. her 3 hour bath/dressing changes everyday, put her through excruciating pain. To the point where she sometimes has "blue" spells, where she stops breathing and turns blue, and then they have to bag her. The docs are talking now about the possibility of paralyzing her vocal cords so she can scream and cry...which is what leads to the blue spells, but then again it also means she won't be able to talk anymore.

anyway, you can see her on her website

I am very sorry about your brother, how awful for you,how old were you when it happened?
Please let me know about Haeli.
thanks Susan

Lim said...

I'm so sorry about your brother. I know that experience change your life forever. I lost my only daughter a few years ago because of cancer. She had 5 years old when she passed away. I'm glad to read that you are a bone marrow too, but they never call me either. I will send a cute card to Haelie this weekend.