Saturday, April 2, 2011

Artwork from a wonderful artist

I wanted to post this last night but ran out of time.  If you have been reading my blog you have read about Haeli.  My sister works for a local school system and told me about Haeli.  I can tell she is quite fond of her just by how she shares all Haeli's accomplishments.  Haeli is in 6th grade just like my daughter, so I really have an understanding of girls that age, and it has made me feel like she could be my own daughter.  Haeli is fighting cancer, and I thank all you wonderful crafters who have sent her cards and packages, she has received over 80 so far!

Do  you know what?  The cards have come from near and far, and honestly it just warms my heart. With all the differnces we have in this world, this craft of ours, along with a child, can bring us all together.  I know I am a bit sentimental, my daughter tells me all the time.  It just makes me feel like I am a part of something special.

So, my sister, Melissa, has told me how talented Haeli is.  Not only is she a musician, but also an artist.  When Melissa showed me this picture I was just amazed.  My sister was not kidding, this girl is truely talented.  So of course I wanted to share it all with you.  Now I have to tell you I could not even come close to creating something this good!

Wonderful work, isn't it?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Donalda said...

Oh Michelle thanks so much for sharing this with us. She sure is a very talented artist that is for sure. Hugs dear

Sandra said...

What a talented little lady! Very, very nice work!

Melissa said...

Hi! This is Michelle's sister. Thanks SO MUCH for all the support! It has been amazing. Haeli can't believe people who wouldn't know her would do all this. I told Haeli that people would love to reach out and do anything to take away her cancer, but they can't. So this is something they can do and they are putting their heart into it. Mom is so touched. She is just about the sweetest lady I have ever met. Thank you for putting something positive in their lives!

Marian de Maijer said...

Schitterend geschilderd echt kunstwerk

Tanya R said...

She is super talented. Look at the rabbit running in the grass. Thank you so much for sharing her talent with us.

Hugs to you Haeli,