Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let them eat cake.....

Proud mommy alert!
My daughter, Cassie, who is 12, has developed an obsession with the show Cake Boss.  Have you seen it?  Well after several months of her taping every episode, I agreed to get her some fondant so she could decorate a cake the way they do on TV.
Here is the result!
Now, I am no domestic goddess,(a paper goddess...that is more my speed) and don't like cooking much.... baking is okay. So I have no skills in this department. She was very adamant about doing it herself.  Although, I did have to show her how to roll out the fondant, and she allowed me to help place the beginning layer on the cake.

So, I guess I will be investing a bit in some bakeware.   Wilton will be my friend.  She wants decorating tips next. I do have to say it did remind me of paper a way!  Do any of you decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies?  I would love to see your ideas.
Have a wonderful weekend, Michelle


Dora said...

Wow this cake is awesome, well done to your daughter, love it xx

Sadilla said...

wow Michelle it look so great!!! She's very talented!! =)
warm hugs

Tanya said...

Wow, she did an amazing job! I love decorating cakes too. You know, you can also make a marshmallow fondant, that's yummy too, I'm sure you can find recipes online. And she will have a blast using the different tips too. Have fun you guys!! :D

Katie said...

What a fabulous job Cassie!
If that is her first go with fondant then I'm sure you'll soon be taking orders!
Have fun!

Brenda said...

Your daughter did a fabulous job!!! Just gorgeous! I agree with Tanya, find the marshmallow fondant recipe online, it is so much better than any you buy, plus of course there are many youtube videos on making it and decorating with it!

yvon said...

Wow, your daughter did a great job. That cake looks yummy.
Hugs, Yvon

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun Michelle. Something the two of you can share. Remember all of the character pans she can use the star tip on to decorate. That is a fun way to start. Next she will be wanting the circut cake decorator. LOL Start saving Michelle. Also there is a book out called the cake Dr. It has really wonderful recipes using cake mixes and just adding a few ingredients. Makes the cakes like home made. Great job Cassie! You may have alot of card makers put down their card making supplies for awhile to make cakes!
Pam L.

Gina L said...

Seriously? You're not pulling our collective leg, are you? A 12 year old did that?!? That is fabulous and I am officially jealous. What a beautiful cake.

Just an FYI, if you have a Michael's near you, I think they carry cake making supplies and you can use coupons!

Michelle said...

Gina you crack me up, and my daughter will love that comment. I was just telling her today that I posted it on my blog. She said I shouldn't be "bragging" about her. I told her moms are allowed to do that.

Amber (bambi64) said...

She did a great job for her age! wow!! Marshmallow fondant is super easy to make and taste better than the fondant you can buy at JoAnns etc. I love making cakes and decorating them. Have self taught myself by googling and youtube. Didn't find out about Cake Boss till last year and I love his shows. Makes me want to get up and start decorating cakes! I have pictures on my blog and on my facebook of all my cakes.