Monday, September 30, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things......

Hello!! It is the last day of September can you believe that? In my mind it is still summer.
  I have been busy over the last week or two cleaning and purging. I think I am going to start quilting again. Of course I came across some of the vintage quilts I have bought and I decided I should probably get rid of some of those. I think Dresden Plate quilts are my favorite pattern.  A lot of the 1930's era quilts were done in this pattern.  In fact, I remember one that was on my grandmother's bed.  She was a quilter.  What I wouldn't give to have one of her quilts now.

This is just a quilt top that I bought and had every intention of finishing or using for crafts.  I have three finished quilts and this quilt top listed on ebay for auction if you are interested in this type of thing.
I love the color of the applique quilt! I also have a Fan quilt and a Sunbonnet Sue I am selling.

Other things I love......
My dog of course and walking with him in the woods. We went down to the pond yesterday, he still won't swim, but goes in up to his shoulders. He is a Springer Spaniel, so he is a water dog and should swim (my others I had always have) But Ace is a year old now and I am starting to think he just isn't going to be a swimmer.  Any suggestions on how to encourage him?  I have been throwing sticks in and he does fetch them as along as they are in the shallow water! LOL!  I just love this boy, he makes me laugh so hard and has brought me such joy when I really needed it.  Hoping to get another Springer next spring.
And last, but certainly not least.... the thing that brings me the greatest joy! My children.  This weekend was my little girl's first high school dance.  She is a freshman. I cannot believe how grown up she is.    Since it was her first dance, I was very excited to go shopping for dresses (my older two children are boys)  Of course, I had a dress imagined in my mind, pink, frilly with lots of bling.  She tried on dozens, and this was her pick.   I love how it fit her, it looks wonderful on her, but it did not fufill my dream of what her first dress would be.  I think it is a bit sophisticated for a 14 year girl, but she was so happy with it, so that is all that matters. Oh and it didn't break the bank to buy it! You have to love that.
Till next time,

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