Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas

Boy, sometimes I think it would be easier to blog about current events, and controversial type things.  My facebook feed has been blowing up with the Duck Dynasty controversy.   Really should that man's opinion even count this much? I don't think it should, but it evidently does.  So should he be held to a higher standard since he seems to have a huge audience? I think he should.  But what really bothers me is the fact that he is sitting in judgement of others, and by Christian standards that is a no-no, and he claims to be a Christian.  And I have to be honest, I hate any type of bigotry.
Yes, I have become lax about posting lately, haven't I?  Well, I think we are all pretty busy with the holidays coming up.  I wanted to stop by and show you a few things I have been working on.
I bought some new feedsack towels and am working on embellishing them.  This is the first one I did. I cut the flowers out with my old sizzix die cutting machine and appliqued them on. I used a reproduction fabric to give it a vintage look, added some cute ribbon to the edge.  These are large towels. I am going to order some smaller ones next time.  If anyone else is interested in getting some let me know.
I am still working on my sons quilt, and that may be a while yet. I think it will just be a "snuggle" size quilt. 
 and last but not least, I have been doing a little holiday decorating.  My daughter decorated the little tree, she used burlap for the garland and did a great job picking out vintage looking ornaments.

 I wish you all the best holiday season filled with love and laughter!


Crafty and Green said...

Have a Blessed Christmas!! Miss you my friend!! Maybe we should get together soon! We could craft or just chit chat! The kiddos miss you, and you need to meet my baby!!

Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year dear friend. Your room looks so comfy. My kind of room. Cassie did a beautiful job on her little tree! I have finally clean and organized my craft room. I am ready to start making cards again. I have kept crafting over the last couple years just not much card making. I'll see you in the scrabble room!
Sending hugs,