Saturday, February 21, 2015

Target Pet Deal starting 2/22

Rumor has it....(singing in my best Adele voice) Sunday (2/22/2015) Target will release another great pet coupon! $10.00 off $40.00.
There will be lots of great scenarios for using this coupon. Since I still have the BOGO Free dog chow coupons that will be the first deal I do. And boy it has the ability to work out really well.
Buy 8 Dog Chow bags 4.4 lbs @ 4.99=39.92
Buy one small can of cat(like Sheba.. use 10% cartwheel with Sheba) or dog food for approx. .50
Total 40.42
Target's 10.00 of 40.00 Pet coupon
Use 4 BOGO Dog Chows -if you are lucky it will auto deduct the max value of 6.50 each---26.00
Pay $4.42 plus tax for 8 bags of dog chow and 1 can of miscellaneous food.

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