Friday, March 6, 2015

Dollar General Specials

I know the week is almost over but I hate to let the opportunity pass to let you know about some pretty good deals at Dollar General. There is a flyer advertising these deals, but sometimes you miss the small print.
I was down to my last trash bag and my last 3 rolls of paper towels. That is a cardinal sin for a couponer. I have a tendency to try to get everything for under a dollar. That's not always possible but you still can get good deals. So...
I bought:
2 Sparkle 6 roll paper towel for $4.50 each,
I also bought one All 60 ounce detergent for $3.50.
Total $12.50
There is a special this week if you spend $10 on specific items you get an automatic $3 off credit. Sparkle paper towels and All detergent are included in the special in addition to many other items like glad trash bags.  So,  I received $3 off automatically on this purchase and I had three $1.00dollar off coupons for these items. My final cost was $6.50 plus tax. Not bad for 12 rolls of paper towels and one nice size detergent.
In another transaction I purchased two boxes of  Glad 13 gallon trash bags (23 count) for 5.00 dollars each. I received the automatic 3 dollar discount and I had a dollar off coupon for each of the boxes. My total cost for this transaction was 5 dollars plus tax.
Total 11.50 plus tax for these items
Would have been 22.50 without the coupons and special discount.
All in all, it is a little more than I care to spend but still good deals. And it is not too late for you to get them, the sale is good through tomorrow, Saturday night.
These coupons were all available online to print. .. So what are you waiting for?
Check the bottom of this blog for printable coupons.

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