Friday, May 22, 2015

Pretty in Pink Painted Mason Jars

Here's a real easy project for you.
Painted Mason jars. 
I use chalk paint, Waverly Chalk paint, on these. I just use a base white and add drops of my acrylic craft paints to produce the different shades.  
First, clean the jars well. I wash them in soap and warm water.  When they are completely dry I paint one coat.  After that dries I apply a second coat. It usually takes about an hour in controlled indoor environment for it to dry.  After the second coat is completely dry I take sandpaper and rub off the letters and logo on the jars.  In addition, since I like the rustic shabby look I add more areas that are rubbed down to the glass.  When I am done I seal with a matte spray.  I have also waxed the jars to seal in the past. Let that dry and you are good to go!

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