Saturday, August 21, 2010

Copic Storage... Here is how I store mine

We all know how everyone loves their Copic markers, so I thought I would have a post dedicated to my storage of Copics.  I am on my third storage idea, and I think this will be my last.
I originally started out with a Making Memories lazy susan, and although it suited the purpose of making the markers easy to access, it did not help me keep my color families separated.  I then bought a couple of clear acrylic containers from the container store. I realized early on this was nice for portability but I would need more than one container for each color family. 

 So when I finally saw an actual Copic Retail Display unit I was HOOKED. 
This works out just perfectly!  I can store my colors by family, each little divided area holds 3-4 Copic Sketch or Ciao markers (I use both), so I can have the colors together that blend well, and just reach for all three or four at once.  Even better, it also holds the refills, thus taking care of both storage dilemmas. 
I curently only have one, since that is all I need, and probably all I will need for a long time, as it holds plenty.  But once I get more refills I may have to invest in another.
There are 72 slots, each holding 3-4 markers or two refills.

As you can see you can also use the top for storage of other items, like ink, punches, etc.  And there is a slot that fits booklets, magazines, or maybe your color chart?  (Oh and if you are looking for the new Copic Swatch books let me know, I am placing an order this coming week.)

Are you interested in owning one of these displays or maybe two?

If you are check HERE, for a limited time use the coupon code DISPLAY
and receive 10 percent off your total order!

Let me know if you have any questions for suggestions.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Dawnll said...

Wonderful idea to share. I am always carrying mine all over the house so I do have them in a tote , but this would also be nice for on my work area. Thanks for sharing.

Sparkplug17 said...

I might have to buy one...

Sparkplug17 said...

Opps. Hit enter too quickly. You have a great set up!

Lisa said...

Oooh, I like this! Haven't seen anything like it here in Sweden... but I keep looking :)

Shazza said...

thanks for sharing, am off to check them out and see if I have enough pennies :0)

Joynana said...

Michelle this is a wonderful idea, but it would not work for me. I don't have much desk top space and my friends and I are always getting together to scrapbook or make cards. It is so much easier for me to keep them in a tote and just pick it up and go. Plus, I like to go to different classes. I wish I had the space for it.

Linda Dale said...

i love this set up but not sure if I have the room, if it is still available could you send me some measurements please. or my blog at thanks.