Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sounds Easy.... Who knew!?

I am amazed to no end at all the new gadgets and goodies that are out there for scrapbookers and cardmakers. While adding sound to scrapbook pages is not a novelty, this new little money saving gadget is! Rather than buying one costly voice recorder, you can now purchase a system that you can reuse over and over for many projects. It comes with 30 memory cards that hold 30 seconds each. You can also purchase refills of 30 at a time, for a reasonable cost of 15.00. I can picture all kinds of uses for this. Imagine recording all the sounds from your day at the petting zoo, or farm to add to your layout, and what mother wouldn't adore a card with her child's beautiful voice wishing her Happy Mothers Day, and better yet, this voice recorder gift wrapped to go with it? Click below for more info, or contact me for details.

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scrappyjan said...

Michelle, I swear that you find some of the coolest stuff! Well I have to tell you that I bought more stamps today... I am soooooooooo bad! And you didn't even have to help me spend that money. LOL..... Hope you day is great!!
I have left you a little surprise over on my blog in todays post. SO when you get a minute check it out.
blessings, janny