Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pretty painted and decoupaged bottles


Decoupage Bottle

I have been decorating and painting old liquor bottles, canning jars and anything else I can get my hands on. And it is all actually pretty easy.
My bottle above was decoupaged with napkins. I picked out some pretty napkins then peeled the layers apart, as you only want one layer. I cut the flowers out and then used decoupage medium to apply. I applied the decoupage medium to the bottle then laid the napkin down carefully. Be very careful, these do rip easily.  I was going for a vintage look so did not worry about wrinkles.  There is a method to make your decoupage wrinkle free that I will post about at another time. 
The painted jars and glass first must be very clean, I wash them with Dawn detergent and rinse well and are painted with chalk paint and either finished with an acrylic sealer or wax to seal.  I also usually sand to distress them.

Painted glass


Give it a try you will love the results!

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